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10 things that led me here

Updated: Sep 18, 2023

1. I grew up in Salt Lake City, but other than my love of skiing, never really felt like I fit in. I also loved fashion and imagined I’d be a fashion designer in some other fabulous city.

2. I never became that fashion designer, but for 20+ years I was a fashion model in NYC,

Boston, Paris, Munich, and Miami. In each city I got to know women who checked all the boxes of cultural norms of beauty and success on the outside- yet were feeling empty and lonely on the inside.

3. In my 20’s, I went to college to study English Literature and Women’s Studies. It was a dual life, working in the modeling industry (that many thought exploited women) during the day, then learning about women and how we have been held back and suppressed by night.

4. East coast life was my jam, but Sept 11th forced my husband and me to do some serious soul searching about our location and futures. We closed a lot of doors and moved to Colorado to pursue a life of less city grind and more connection with the outdoors and nature.

5. My husband was the first person to embrace and cheer on that internal compass that guides me. So, of course, he concurred when that steered me to grad school in Denver for an MSW.

6. I was driven to connect with women. I wanted them to feel empowered, to silence what others think, to eradicate self-doubt, to love themselves, and to quit striving for “perfection”. I was determined to help women create lives that were radically personal, and radiated happiness and fulfillment.

7. Logistical roadblocks put that MSW degree on hold, including becoming a mom to one awesome (now) young man. He has helped me fine tune my compass even further.

8. Movement is my bestie. I also like sharing knowledge about movement, muscles, and body mechanics, while empowering women to learn about and appreciate themselves. I have been a fitness instructor for 13+ years.

9. I owned and operated a workout studio before my kiddo hit high school and I am proud of my mission and success there. We created a community where women felt safe, and could break free from self judgement, to focus on strength, confidence, friendships, personal goals, and simply feeling good.

10. 2020 solidified what I already knew; that my focus needed to get bigger than owning a workout space. While I struggled with the loss of my fitness community due to the impacts of Covid 19, the path was clearly pulling me back to my calling of empowering women to live their best lives. When the studio closed, my mind opened to vast possibilities.



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