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Pssst... Do you know protein is linked to healthy aging? Plus, a quick breakdown of the Anti-Inflammatory Diet

Updated: Apr 14

Protein in Midlife; how important is it, and how much do you need? 

Protein is essential for bone and muscle health, both of which can decline with age. But the results of a new study say that “protein intake was significantly associated with higher odds of healthy aging.” 

Plant-based protein was also associated with good mental health status and better physical function. This was based on data from 48,762 women younger than age 60 who participated in the Nurses’ Health Study.

So how much protein do we need?  Like most good things, there is no one size fits all. Protein needs vary based on BMI, muscle mass, activity level, gender, and age, but a “modest”  place to start is  0.8 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight, or 0.36 grams per pound. 

Then pay attention to signs that you may personally need more protein in your diet like:

*fatigue you can’t shake

*getting sick often

*being hungrier than usual

*brittle nails and hair

No matter how we slice it, the foods we eat play a big role in our overall health. There's lots to explore, but for now just a couple of topics that seem to be on thinking people’s minds.


Next up; the Anti-Inflammatory Diet.

Have you heard of it?   


So many of the most common health issues we face today have been linked with the same thing:  🔥 Chronic inflammation.


So how do we fight it? 

One way is with food.


🛑 Some foods have been shown to worsen inflammation:


Refined carbohydrates

Fried foods

Trans fats (like margarine)  


🟢 While some have been shown to combat it:

Fish (rich in omega-3s)

Nuts & seeds

Green leafy vegetables

Colorful berries


There are several approaches to an Anti- Inflammation Diet and its’ ok to experiment with what seems right for you.


Want more practical and personalized ways to support your health and wellness?

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